I offer the following services from Spanish and Italian into German:



Through my studies in Audiovisual Translation, I have become familiar with the subtitle protocols and know how to follow them in order to generate a high-quality final product. I offer not only high quality subtitles in compliance with the protocols, but also an adequate translation. Subtitling is a type of translation that belongs to the type of subordinate translation. That means it is a type of translation that has restrictions in time and space which directly affect the final result. Both image and audio play a significant role in the creation of subtitles. The process of subtitling consists of the following phases: spotting, translation, simulation and correction.


Localisation is the translation and adaptation of content to a target market. In other words, translation is one component of localisation and localisation is the adaptation of content to the linguistic and cultural conditions of a specific geographical or ethnic area. The market for which a product was originally developed can be very different from other target markets. Therefore, professional localisation is very important because it can provide market expansion, sales growth, customer satisfaction and risk reduction. Thanks to my studies and the fact that I have lived and worked in different places, I acquired cultural and linguistic competencies in my working languages, which help me to generate an adequate and high-quality localisation.


I wish to provide my customers with high-quality translations. Therefore, I have undergone a specialised training at the University of Heidelberg and the University of Cádiz and Seville. In addition, I regularly take part in further training to keep me up-to-date. I always translate into my mother tongue. That is how I guarantee qualified translations.

Because I work as a freelance translator, I have the possibility to guarantee individual, personal contact in order to achieve exactly the result you are looking for.

Through an elaborate comparison of source text and target text, I can check texts, detect errors and competently improve them so that technical terms, syntax, grammar and style are correct.